Low-lead perovskite single-junction cell with an efficiency of 15%

Key Facts Performance testing of an optimised 1.25 eV mixed Pb/Sn perovskite with an active area of 1 cm2 17.6% steady-state power conversion efficiency of best small area devices (~0.1 cm2) 14.5% scanned efficiency achieved for the 1 cm2 device – with a steady-state power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 13.2% measured over 300 seconds in … Read more

10×10 cm2 demonstrator module with 15% efficiency

Key Facts 10×10 cm2 perovskite single-junction module with an initial active area efficiency of 14% and 12% steady-state efficiency Demonstrated scalability of single-junction perovskite-based solar cell, using industrially compatible processes Full laser patterning allowing for minimal dead areas Both NIP and PIN single-junction perovskite modules with steady state efficiency above 12% relying on industrial sputtering … Read more