Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell with an efficiency of 25.4% on an active area of 1.43 cm2

Key Facts Perovskite/silicon heterojunction tandem cell (1.43 cm2) on a single-sided textured bottom cell with a power conversion efficiency of 25.4% and current-matching between the two sub-cells; the same cell also gave 25.6% in light-IV measurements Fully textured bottom cell showing power conversion efficiency of 25.6% (25.24% maximum power point (MPP) tracked) Depositing of perovskite … Read more

Improved encapsulation processes for perovskite PV technology

Key Facts Improvement of encapsulation processes for perovskite solar cells, well-suited for both single-junction and tandem perovskite solar cells 100% industry-compatible processes for glass-on-glass encapsulation Demonstration of high-stability production process for future industrial manufacturing Best performing cells show less than 10% relative degradation after 1000 hours of damp heat Abstract Reliable encapsulation of perovskite photovoltaic … Read more

Low-lead perovskite single-junction cell with an efficiency of 15%

Key Facts Performance testing of an optimised 1.25 eV mixed Pb/Sn perovskite with an active area of 1 cm2 17.6% steady-state power conversion efficiency of best small area devices (~0.1 cm2) 14.5% scanned efficiency achieved for the 1 cm2 device – with a steady-state power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 13.2% measured over 300 seconds in … Read more

10×10 cm2 demonstrator module with 15% efficiency

Key Facts 10×10 cm2 perovskite single-junction module with an initial active area efficiency of 14% and 12% steady-state efficiency Demonstrated scalability of single-junction perovskite-based solar cell, using industrially compatible processes Full laser patterning allowing for minimal dead areas Both NIP and PIN single-junction perovskite modules with steady state efficiency above 12% relying on industrial sputtering … Read more

First results regarding the environmental impact of perovskite/silicon tandem PV modules

CHEOPS member SmartGreenScans has recently completed an initial study evaluating the life-cycle environmental impact of perovskite/silicon tandem modules from Oxford PV. The results are positive regarding the impact of perovskite devices on global warming and energy demand. Given their low cost and high power conversion efficiency, perovskite solar cells have gained attention in recent years. … Read more