Deliverable Reports

Single Junction Development

  • D1.1 A 5×5 cm2 module with an initial active area efficiency of 12% (10% stable) | download report
  • D1.2 Demonstration of improved processes for charge transport layer and PK film deposition leading to an increased Voc of 5% and an increased FF by 2% absolute with a PK layer homogeneity leading to LBIC map variation smaller than 5% on a 5×5 cm2 surface | download report
  • D1.3 Demonstration of patterning processes allowing to achieve death area width < 500 µm | download report
  • D1.4 Demonstration of improved front electrode opto-electrical and morphologic properties leading to a 1 mA/cm2 current gain ​| download report
  • D1.5 A 10×10 cm2 module with an initial active area efficiency of 15% (12% stable) ​| download report
  • D1.7 Lead free PK lab scale cell with a stable efficiency of 15% on active area of 1cm2 | download report
  • D1.8 Report on process flow for small scale single junction device production | download report

PK/Si Tandem Device Development

  • D4.1 Low-temperature PK process with 16% efficiency on lab scale | download report
  • D4.4 26% PK/silicon tandem solar cell with 1 cm2 area | download report
  • D4.5 2×2 cm2 PK/silicon tandem solar cell with a VOC > 1.84 V, a JSC > 19 mA/cm2 and a FF > 83% corresponding to an efficiency of > 29% | download report

Socio-Economic Analysis

  • D3.1 Life Cycle Analysis of CHEOPS technologies and benchmarking: Screening ​| download report
  • D3.2 Life Cycle Analysis of CHEOPS technologies and benchmarking: Final assessment | download report
  • D3.4 Socio-economic analysis of CHEOPS technologies and benchmarking | download report
  • D3.5 Risk assessment and mitigation strategy | download report
  • D3.6 Roadmap for future developments | download report

Upscaling & Stability

  • D2.1 Report on measurement and stability testing protocols | download report
  • D2.2 Report on best encapsulation processes compatible with perovskite PV technology | download report
  • D2.3 15×15 cm² device with stabilised aperture area efficiency of 14% and report on required process flow | download report
  • D2.4 Report on complete optimised process flow for high stable efficiency single junction module production implemented at pilot line | download report
  • D2.5 Semi-transparent (> 40% transparency) mini-module with 10% stabilised aperture area efficiency on 20cm x 30cm | download report

Dissemination & Exploitation

  • D5.7 Report on monitoring competing research developments | download report
  • D5.8 Best practice recommendations and contribution to standards | download report